Friday, 13 September 2013

Christmas Cards "Stamp a Stack" Class

Christmas may seem a little way off, but now is a great time to start making some Christmas cards.  Here are the samples of what we will be making in my upcoming class.

For my first Christmas card class of the year, I have designed three different cards. Please note the red and green ones are the same layout, just opposite colours - green on red and red on green.
Cost: The cost of the class is $10 for three cards. Three cards of your choice. You can make all three the same, or three different designs. If there is enough time and resources you are welcome to make more - three more for $10, or any additional ones at $3.50 each. 

When: Thursday 19th September at 1pm  (My morning class is already full).  
Or get a group of friends together and contact me to arrange a time that suits you.

Email me to confirm your place or if you have any further questions. 


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