Friday, 21 December 2012

Clearance Blitz Week Two

Here is the list for Week Two.  Many items are already sold out, so you need to get in quick.  

(Item number, Item name, Usual price, Sale price)

119198 Share a Cup Stamp [w]  $14.50 $7.50
125040 Triple Treat Flower Stamp [w]  $19.95 $10.50
125188 Little Boo Stamp [w] $ $14.50 $7.50
125044 Bringing Baby Stamp [w]  $17.95 $9.50
116899 Elegant Thank You Stamp [w]  $17.50 $8.50
125657 Elizabeth Stamp [w]  $23.00 $12.25
125046 Just Thank You Stamp [w]  $17.50 $8.50
125653 Ribbon of Hope Stamp [w] $17.95 $9.50
125655 S.W.A.K Stamp [w]  $14.50 $7.50
125048 Young Vermillion Stamp [w]  $17.95 $9.50
115856 Punch Pals Stamp Set [w] $68.95 $34.75
117715 I {Heart} Hearts Stamp Set [w]  $50.95 $20.00
118571 I {Heart} Hearts Stamp Set [c]  $40.95 $17.50
121773 Blessed Mother Stamp Set [w]  $30.95 $16.00
122063 Blessed Mother Stamp Set [c]  $24.95 $13.50
125032 Under the Big Top Stamp Set [w]  $60.95 $31.50
122877 Under the Big Top Stamp Set [c] $48.95 $27.00
115780 Crazy for Cupcakes Stamp Set [w]  $50.95 $25.75
121558 Party This Way Stamp Set [w]  $31.95 $16.50
120609 Party This Way Stamp Set [c]  $25.95 $14.75
119189 Tote-ally Tess Stamp Set [w] 0 $45.95 $17.75
118595 Tote-ally Tess Stamp Set [c]  $36.95 $16.00
116386 Loads of Love Stamp Set [w]  $47.95 $24.50
116384 Loads of Love Accessories Stamp Set [w]  $40.95 $20.75
117699 Something Sweet Stamp Set [w]  $53.95 $20.75
121576 Sweetheart Stamp Set [w] $ $46.95 $18.25
120780 Sweetheart Stamp Set [c]  $37.95 $14.75
119177 Pendant Park Stamp Set [w] $ $45.95 $23.25
120012 Pendant Park Stamp Set [c] $ $36.95 $19.50
116686 For Everything Stamp Set [w] $ $57.95 $22.00
120459 For Everything Stamp Set [c] $ $45.95 $18.50
121580 The Nicest Things Stamp Set [w]  $41.95 $21.50
121518 Four the Holidays Stamp Set [w]  $30.95 $15.25
119801 In Color 2010-2012 Stampin' Write Markers  $33.95 $11.00
122360 Flirtatious Specialty Designer Series Paper  $29.95 $11.95
122366 Mocha Morning Specialty Designer Series Paper  $29.95 $11.95
124339 Just Add Cake Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $7.00
122367 Paisley Petals Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $7.00
122350 Berry Blossoms Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $9.50
122355 Domestic Goddess Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $9.50
122351 Frightful Sight Designer Series Paper $22.95 $9.50
122354 Pocketful of Posies Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $9.50
122359 Well Worn Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $9.50
122347 Nursery Nest Designer Series Paper  $22.95 $7.00
117158 Patterns 2010-2012 In Color Designer Series Paper Stack  $51.50 $19.95
125054 Artichoke 3/8" (1 cm) Denim Jean Ribbon  $17.50 $5.95
119263 Poppy Parade 1/2" (1.3 cm) Stitched-Poly Ribbon $20.50 $7.95
122464 Blossom Bouquet Punch $ $54.50 $17.00
114533 Clear Circle Bigz Die  $44.95 $17.00
115972 Many Thanks Sizzlits Die $ $13.25 $7.00
113441 Swirls Scribbles Sizzlits Die  $12.25 $6.25
118589 Something Sweet Stamp Set (c) $42.95 $17.25
122352 Timeless Portrait Designer Series Paper $22.95 $9.50

I will also post the lists for the following two weeks.  If you have an order, please let me know by 8pm Thursday night the week the sale starts so I can try and get in with an early order. 

WEEK THREE - Please contact me by 8pm Thursday 3rd Jan with your order

(Item name Item number Usual price, Sale price) 
Wedding Sweet wood mount 121582  $55.95 $21.50
Family Business wood mount 121516  $50.95 $19.25
Family Business clear mount 120471  $40.95 $19.25
Cottage Garden wood mount 119163  $39.95 $15.25
Cottage Garden clear mount 120003  $31.95 $15.25
Paisley Petals wood mount 125010  $62.95 $31.75
Paisley Petals clear mount 122547  $49.95 $31.75
Growing Green wood mount 121532  $46.95 $23.75
Growing Green clear mount 120624  $37.95 $23.75
Pocket Silhouettes wood mount 115852  $40.95 $20.75
Flight of the Butterfly wood mount 115798  $65.95 $24.75
Ocean Commotion wood mount 113409  $38.95 $19.50
Clearly for You wood mount 123551  $57.95 $22.00
Clearly for You clear mount 121976  $45.95 $22.00
You're a Gem wood mount 123567  $36.95 $18.50
You're a Gem clear mount 122270  $29.95 $18.50
Heard from the Heart wood mount 119167  $46.95 $23.75
Heard from the Heart clear mount 120006  $37.95 $23.75
It's Your Day wood mount 124988  $25.95 $13.00
Everyday Wishes wood mount 124970  $26.95 $13.50
You're Cherished wood mount 125036  $25.95 $13.00
Thank You Kindly wood mount 115884  $29.95 $15.25
Blushing Bride 1/2" (1.3 cm) Stitched-Poly Ribbon 119267  $20.50 $7.75
Peach Parfait 1/2" (1.3 cm) Stitched-Poly Ribbon 119264 $20.50 $7.75
Poppy Parade 1/2" (1.3 cm) Stitched-Poly Ribbon 119263  $20.50 $7.75
Chantilly 1/2" (1.3 cm) Crochet Trim 118480  $16.95 $6.50
Natural Hemp Twine 100982  $6.25 $3.75
Concord Crush 1/2" (1.3 cm) Stitched-Poly Ribbon 119266  $20.50 $10.50
Pear Pizzazz 1/2" (1.3 cm) Stitched-Poly Ribbon 119265  $20.50 $10.50
3/8" (1 cm) Twill Tape 119970  $14.50 $10.50
Pear Pizzazz 1/2" (1.3 cm) Seam Binding Ribbon 122330  $16.50 $4.75
Daffodil Delight 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 119770  $24.50 $9.25
Pretty in Pink 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 119775  $24.50 $9.25
Whisper White 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 114616  $20.50 $7.75
Basic Black 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 115615  $24.50 $12.25
Basic Gray 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 125061  $24.50 $12.25
Cajun Craze 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 125055  $24.50 $12.25
Marina Mist 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 119772  $24.50 $12.25
Melon Mambo 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 125057  $24.50 $12.25
Not Quite Navy 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 125058  $24.50 $12.25
Soft Suede 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon 125060  $24.50 $12.25
Bashful Blue 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 124325  $20.50 $10.50
Basic Black 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 117285  $20.50 $10.50
Basic Gray 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 124326  $20.50 $10.50
Chocolate Chip 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 124327  $20.50 $10.50
Old Olive 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 117292  $20.50 $10.50
Pretty in Pink 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 117289  $20.50 $10.50
Very Vanilla 5/8" (1.6 cm) Satin Ribbon 117291  $20.50 $10.50
Bashful Blue 1/4" (6.4 mm) Grosgrain Ribbon 124324  $13.25 $6.75
Basic Black 1/4" (6.4 mm) Grosgrain Ribbon 109027  $13.25 $6.75

WEEK FOUR - Please contact me by 8pm Thursday 10th January with your order
124920 Array of Sunshine Stamp Set [w]  $24.00 $18.50
124940 Happiest Birthday Wishes Stamp Set [w]  $51.00 $25.75
124928 Posy Punch Stamp Set [w]  $28.00 $18.50
124924 Perfect Words Stamp Set [w] 0 $28.00 $18.50
124934 Simply Soft Stamp Set [w]  $39.00 $19.50
124922 Faith in Nature Stamp Set [w]  $25.00 $18.50
119167 Heard from the Heart Stamp Set [w]  $46.95 $23.75
121538 Inviting Stamp Set [w]  $46.95 $23.75
116410 Short & Sweet Stamp Set [w]  $36.95 $18.25
122078 Notes & Details Stamp Set [w]  $53.95 $27.50
116416 Sincere Salutations Stamp Set [w]  $47.95 $24.50
116364 God's Blessings Stamp Set [w]  $70.95 $36.00
124926 Party Time Stamp Set [w]  $41.95 $21.50
121542 Just Perfect Alphabet Stamp Set [w]  $43.95 $22.00
121548 Monogram Sweet Alphabet Stamp Set [w]  $64.95 $32.50
121572 Sweet Shoppe Lower Alphabet Stamp Set [w]  $64.95 $32.50
121574 Sweet Shoppe Upper Alphabet Stamp Set [w] 0 $64.95 $32.50
121488 Broadsheet Accents Stamp Set [w]  $31.95 $16.50
115766 Calendar Alphabet & Numbers Stamp Set [w]  $43.95 $22.00
119786 Blushing Bride Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
122939 Calypso Coral Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
122937 Island Indigo Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
122935 Lucky Limeade Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
119783 Peach Parfait Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
122938 Pool Party Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
119782 Poppy Parade Classic Stampin' Pad  $14.25 $4.50
121691 Concord Crush A4 Smooth Card Stock  $17.50 $6.50
121693 Pear Pizzazz A4 Smooth Card Stock  $17.50 $6.50
109025 Whisper White 1/4" (6.4 mm) Grosgrain Ribbon  $13.25 $6.75
121891 Trinket Crowns  $17.50 $5.25
109857 Mini Library Clips  $30.50 $11.50
112580 Clips Assortment  $16.50 $8.25
121892 Trinket Keys  $14.50 $7.50
112577 Filigree Designer Brads $14.25 $7.00
112579 Flower Designer Brads $14.25 $7.00
109112 Square Fire Rhinestone Brads  $23.95 $9.25
121881 Beveled Windowpanes  $20.50 $7.75
113144 Clear Circle Rhinestone Brads  $23.95 $12.25
109110 Circle Fire Rhinestone Brads  $23.95 $12.25
109111 Circle Ice Rhinestone Brads  $23.95 $12.25
115604 Fleurettes II  $23.95 $12.25
112534 Neutrals 5/16" (8 mm) Jumbo Brads  $18.95 $7.25
112533 Neutrals 5/8" (16 mm) Jumbo Brads  $16.75 $6.25
104336 3/16" Silver Brads  $16.50 $6.00
121005 In Color 2010-2012 3/8" Glimmer Brads $12.25 $4.75
121004 Subtles 3/8" Glimmer Brads  $12.25 $4.75
119734 Brights Flower Brads  $20.50 $10.50
119730 Neutrals Flower Brads  $20.50 $10.50
119731 Regals Flower Brads  $20.50 $10.50
119732 Subtles Flower Brads  $20.50 $10.50
Merry Christmas

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Clearance Rack Blitz has began!

Stampin' Up are temporarily taking over a hundred products out of retirement with discounts up to 70% off retail – only while supplies last! There are four different groups of products on sale between 14th December – 21st January!

Here are the specials for this week.  I have also included the upcoming sale periods below, so ahead of time you can see what you may like to purchase.


Remember to refer to last year's catalogue.  If you don't have one handy, you can view this one online here.


Orders must be placed by 5pm on the final day of each sale period. Items are while stocks last so you will need to get in quick! 


*All sales are final – no refunds or exchanges. 
 **All orders will attract Minimum Shipping Charges of $9.95 or 5% of total order, whichever is the greater

Upcoming sales

Clearance_Rack_21st_December - 3rd_January
Clearance_Rack_4th - 10th January
Clearance_Rack_11th - 21st January

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Clearance Rack Blitz

Stampin' Up will be temporarily taking hundreds of products out of retirement with discounts up to 70 percent off retail – only while supplies last! 

They will have four different groups of products on sale between 14th December – 21st January. These are the sale periods:
  • 14th - 20th December
  •  21st December - 3rd January
  •  4th -10th January
  • 11th - 21st January
I will keep you informed with the specials so check back here on 14th December to see what’s on sale.

Please keep in mind that this type of sale is just something Stampin' Up are trying out and not necessarily something they will do again in the future. Here an an opportunity to take advantage of some amazing bargains on previously retired products.

See you again soon.


Friday, 7 December 2012

A Twisted Birthday Card

At the moment we are seeing lots of Christmas cards, so here is something a little different.  This card features the twisted card design I showed you yesterday, but this time the card has a birthday theme.  

Stamps: Easy Events, Itty Bitty Banners Stamps, 
Cardstock: Wisteria Wonder, Lucky Limeade, Whisper White
Ink: Wisteria Wonder, Lucky Limeade, 
DSP:2011-2013 Colours
Other: 4.4cm Circle punch, 6cm Scalloped punch, gems, Bitty Banners Dies, Markers

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Twisted Christmas Card

This is what we also made at my card class the other week. This card is perfect for when you would like to give someone a voucher as there is a pocket inside to hold it and still room on the left hand side to write your message.

Here are two samples of the card design we made. 

The card on the left uses Cherry Cobbler, and the other card uses Gumball Green.  Both feature different sheets of Be of Good Cheer DSP.  The ornaments punched and then have been dry embossed with the Petals-a-plenty embossing folder to give some texture to them and the slightly spondged around the edges.  This is a different way to use your punch without having to stamp an image first. 

Here is the inside of the card and you can see the pocket, perfect for a voucher.

Stamps: Come to Bethlehem (sentiment) 
Cardstock: Gumball Green, Cherry Cobbler, Very Vanilla
Ink: Gumball Green, Cherry Cobbler
DSP: Be of Good Cheer
Other:  Ornament punch, Cherry Cobbler Twine, Petal-a-Plenty Embossing Folder, Big Shot

Come back tomorrow and I will show you a birthday card using the same card design.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

The new Stampin' Trimmer is here!

Introducing the new and improved Stampin’ Trimmer! Although paper trimmers are a common crafting tool, this trimmer was designed exclusively by paper crafters for paper crafters—and because it was made by Stampin’ Up!, you know it’s a cut above the rest!

Features of the All-New Stampin’ Trimmer
  • An extra-wide 15.9 cm cutting base and an extended 39 cm ruler
    • The extra-wide cutting base provides a large work area and is marked in 4 mm increments, allowing for small measurements.
    • The right-side grid helps you measure and cut very thin strips.
    • The extended cutting arm has a stabilizing leg to provide a sturdy and steady cutting surface for longer cuts. 
    • When fully extended, the extended cutting arm sits flush with the trimmer base, providing more accurate and consistent measurements across the entire surface.
    • All rulers and measurements on the base are printed under a plastic cover so your measurements won’t wear off.
    • The base has nonskid feet, which keeps the Stampin’ Trimmer securely in place on your work area.
  • A full 30.5 cm (12") cutting and scoring track
    • The extra-long cutting track has space at the top and bottom so you don’t have to take the cutting and scoring blades out when you’re not using them. 
    • The track gives you enough space to cut or score a full 30.5 cm (12") without having to remove or switch out handles. 
    • The cutting track locks in place for secure storage or transport. 
    • The track includes an insertion point for cutting and scoring blade handles so you can easily insert handles into the cutting track.
  • Specially designed handles and cutting track to ensure straight cuts
    • The hook on the scoring and cutting blade handles keeps the handles stable so the cuts are as straight as possible.
    • Handles come in two colours: dark for cutting, light for scoring. 
    • The precision tip on the cutting blade allows you to pinpoint precisely where you’re cutting.
    • The point on the side of each handle shows you where the blade will cut, making it easy to see exactly where your cuts and scores will begin.
  • Storage compartment under base
    • The storage compartment holds scoring and cutting tools such as a Bone Folder, Simply Scored Stylus, extra scoring and cutting blades and even business cards. 
    • Separate compartments within the storage compartment keep your tools organised, and the clear cover makes it easy to see what you’ve stored.
  • Product details: item 129722; $59.95
I am placing an order this week, so if you would like to order this or something else, please contact me.  Order and payment needs to be into me by 8pm Wednesday 5th December please.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Friday, 30 November 2012

Simple but impressive Christmas gifts

Last weekend I had my final class for the year.  The ideas of these creations are not mine.  I was inspired by Jacque from Stamp Happy and what they made at the Hamilton Extravaganza weekend earlier this month.  My class had lots of fun and this is what we created.

We used the Petite Pockets die for the coffee sachet holder and the Labels Collection Framelit dies for the biscuit bag toppers.  To decorate and embellish both, we used the Scentsational Season stamps and dies and Be of Good Cheer DSP.  

The biscuits inside the bags also feature the designs from some of the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps - A great Christmas gift.

We also made a twisted card, perfect for a voucher. I will show you that one soon too.

Thanks for stopping by.



Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pink, purple and cupcakes

Pink, purple and cupcakes is a great combination for a girl's card.  I made this card for my niece's 6th birthday.  This is a similar style layout to the card I made a couple of weeks ago with the ducks on it, but it looks quite different with a different image and colour combination.

This card features a trick I have learnt from Dawn T.  She taught me to sponge white paper with ink to get the right colour to match.  Usually this isn't an issue when using Stampin' Up products as the card, inks and markers match each other perfectly, but it is a good trick to know if you run out of matching card.  I didn't have any pink card in the colour I wanted, nor did I have the ink pad, but I did have the pink marker, so I coloured a strip of white paper in ink, let it dry and then punched it with the scalloped trim border punch.  Also, one of the cupcakes didn't stamp too well, so rather than having to stamp all three again, I stamped another one on a blank piece of paper, coloured it, fussy cut it and mounted it over the top with dimensionals and it looks like it was always meant to be like that and adding dimension to the card too.

Stamps: Easy Events
Cardstock: Whisper white, 
DSP: In colours 2011-2013 - Wisteria Wonder
Other: Stampin' Up markers, dimensionals, scalloped trim border punch

Thanks for dropping by and for your comments.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pyramid Christmas Tree Card

This was the other card we made at my card class last Sunday afternoon.

The pyramid Christmas tree card can be used as a card, or as a Christmas decoration with a safety tealight underneath which shines through the holes making twinkly fairy lights when it isn't so light. This card was inspired and CASED from Heather Stewart.

Below is a photo of it taken at night with the tealight.   Not the greatest photo, but it gives you some idea of how it can look.

Cardstock: Gumball Green, Very Vanilla
Ink: Gumball Green, Cherry Cobbler (marker pen)
Other: Simple Scored Scoring Tool, Petal-a-Plenty Embossing Folder, Star punch (Merry Minis Punch Pack) Piercing mat, piercing tool, Big Shot

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Two fabulous promotions in November

Promotion One:
Do you have the Ornament Keepsakes Stamp Set or Bundle on your wish list? Well November is the time to add the Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper to it and get the Festive Paper Piercing Pack for FREE.

Dates: 1 - 30 November 2012

Retail Value
Special Price
Christmas Gift Pack (wood-mount)
Includes Ornament Keepsakes Set (wood-mount), Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper, Festive Paper-Piercing Pack
Christmas Gift Pack (clear-mount)
Includes Ornament Keepsakes Set (clear-mount), Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper, Festive Paper-Piercing Pack
Christmas Gift Pack (wood-mount bundle)
Includes Ornament Keepsakes Bundle (wood-mount), Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper, and Festive Paper-Piercing Pack
Christmas Gift Pack (clear-mount bundle)
Includes Ornament Keepsakes Bundle (clear-mount), Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper, and Festive Paper-Piercing Pack

Promotion Two: The Ink-redible hostess promotion

You can also have the opportunity to earn free ink pads.

Dates: 1 November - 16 December, 2012 

Promotion Details: Hostesses who hold a minimum $750 party during the promotion period will receive a FREE collection of Classic Stampin Pads*—they can choose from Brights, Subtles, or Regals.  Plus, the free ink is in addition to the regular hostess benefits-INK-credible!

Your Party Sales**
Free Ink Collection
Hostess Dollars
Items at 50% Off
1 item
2 items
3 items
4 items
*Neutrals Collection not eligible
**Does not include shipping

If you would like to host a party, please contact me as I have a few dates available

Monday, 29 October 2012

Christmas Ornaments in a Side Spring Card

Yesterday afternoon I had my monthly card class and the ladies enjoyed making a new style card called the "side spring card".

With a few scores lines and then valley and mountain folds in the right place we made a card like this:  

Here are two more "side spring cards" with slightly different designs.

Stamps: Delightful Decorations, Come to Bethlehem
Ink: Gumball Green, Cherry Cobbler, 
Cardstock: Gumball Green, Cherry Cobbler, Very Vanilla, Early Espresso Core'dinations
DSP: Be of Good Cheer
Punch: Ornaments
Other: Simple Scored Scoring Tool, Lacy Brocade Embossing Folder, Sanding Block, Cherry Cobbler Baker's Twine, Dimensionals

If you would also like to attend a class to learn how to make this card, please contact me by email

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Delightful Ornaments

In a couple of weeks I will be doing a workshop with some elderly people and so I thought we would make a small Christmas card (3 1/2" x 3 1/2") using the new ornament stamp set and punch I bought recently.  I have made a few different ones to see what I like the best.

Here are all three:

Stamps: Delightful Decorations, Come to Bethlehem
Ink: Cherry Cobbler, Gumball Green
Cardstock: Whisper White, Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake, Cherry Cobbler
Punches: Ornament
Other: Markers, Lacy Brocade Embossing Folder, Dimensionals

Here they are in more detail.

First card:
This first one uses very vanilla cardstock, although it is probably hard to tell in the photo.  This is probably my personal favourite as I think it is a bit more elegant with just the very vanilla and cherry cobbler and without the gumball green.

Second card:
With this card I thougth I would include two different colours of ornaments and use whisper white card.

Third card: 
This final card also uses whisper white and has the ornaments the opposite way around.  I have also added the the string to hang the ornament from with matching markers.  I wonder if it spoils it a bit.  I think adding some Baker's Twine would be good, but I don't have it in gumball green and it would be a bit fiddle to do with the elderly group, but probably effective.  I will have to try that one too sometime.

Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for dropping by and for your comments.


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Three Little Ducks

This is a made a card for a little girl who has just turned one.

I used the cute duck stamp from the Easy Events set.  I didn't want the sentiment below the image, so I used my basic black marker to ink the image part of the stamp and then stamped it.  I did it three times to have them swimming in a row.  I was trying to line them up, but it didn't quite work.  In the end I think it looks quite effect like this.  I also coloured them with markers.  I love the way the embossed background gives texture to a card.  I would really have liked to include the number 1 on this card to show that it was for a 1st birthday, but I didn't have anything I could use.  Memorable Moments would be perfect for this and is on my wish list.

Stamps: Easy Events, Itty Bitty Banners
Ink: Lucky Limeade 
Markers: Basic Black, Wisteria Wonder, Daffodil Delight, Pretty In Pink
Card stock: Wisteria Wonder, Whisper White
DSP: Lucky Limeade from In colours 2011-2013 DSP
Other: Petals a Plenty Embossing Folder, Bitty Banners Framelits, Scalloped Edge Punch

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.


Monday, 1 October 2012

October Promotion - Free Ribbon

During October, get a FREE spool of 3/8" (1 cm) Stitched Satin Ribbon with every $70 purchase. 

Dates: 1-31 October 2012

Promotion Details:
At Stampin’ Up!, it’s spool time! For the month of October, get a FREE package of 3/8" (1 cm) Stitched Satin Ribbon—a $19.25 value—for every $70 you spend!
Choose from the following ribbons:

Retail Value
126848 Ribbon Gumball Green 3/8” (1 cm) Stitched Satin $19.25
126847 Midnight Muse 3/8” (1 cm) Stitched Satin Ribbon $19.25
126844 Primrose Petals 3/8” (1 cm) Stitched Satin Ribbon $19.25
126845 Raspberry Ripple 3/8” (1 cm) Stitched Satin Ribbon $19.25
126846 Summer Starfruit 3/8” (1 cm) Stitched Satin Ribbon $19.25

If you would like to attend one of my classes in October or place an order, please contact me.



Monday, 24 September 2012

Young and old can make this

Last week I had the opportunity to work with a small group of elderly people who each made a small card like this.   I also did a workshop at a friend's house and her 8 year old son wanted to make the card we were doing too.  So young and old, and all those in between, can have fun creating cards like this.


Stamps: Easy Events, Itty Bitty Banners

Card: Whisper White, Pool Party, Island Indigo

DSP: In colours 2011- 2013 DSP

Ink & Markers: Island Indigo, Lucky Limeade, Real Red

Punches: 1 3/4” (4.4cm) Circle Punch, 2 3/8” Scalloped Circle Punch

Other: Woodgrain Embossing Folder, Bitty Banner Framelit Dies, Simply Scored Scoring Tool, Simply Scored Diagonal Plate, Stampin’ Up Dimensionals, Snail Adhesive, Stampin’ Sponges

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Monday, 17 September 2012

A little gift bag/box

This is another project we also made in our class yesterday.  This is a small gift bag.  Great for holding a small gift or some chocolates. We used a jumbo wheel stamp to create the pattern on the card.  To get our matching ribbon we inked white ribbon to match. 


Stamps: In Stitches – Wheel (jumbo) Easy Events (clear)

Card: Whisper White, Calypso Coral

Ink: Old Olive, Calypso Coral, Wisteria Wonder Marker Pen, Old Olive Marker Pen

Punches: 1 3/4” (4.4cm) Circle Punch, 2 3/8” Scalloped Circle Punch,

Tools: Stampin’ Around Handle – jumbo, Uninked Stampin’ Around Cartridges, Simply Scored Scoring Tool, Bone Folder

Accessories: Ribbon – Whisper white (retired)  Similar item is 1/4” (6.4cm) Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon – Whisper White

Other: Stamping Sponges, Stampin’ Scrub, Snail Adhesive, Stampin’ Up Dimensionals, 

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Framelit Shaped Card

Today I held my montly card class and we made a shaped card using the Framelit Dies.  We did paper piercing around the edge and used a marker pen to draw on the "stitches". I think everyone enjoyed making the card and they really liked the new core'dinations paper which we embossed with the woodgrain embossing folder and then sanded. My card featured a bird, others in the class prefereed to have owls.  All the cards were all a little different and everyone was pleased with their efforts.

Here is the sample card I made:

Stamps: Itty Bitty Banners (sentiments) W126255

Cardstock: Lucky Limeade, Whisper White, Core’dinations Card stock – Early Espresso #127848

DSP: In colours 2011-2013 DSP #122384

Ink: Lucky Limeade #126984, Wisteria Wonder #126985 

Punches: Bird Builder Punch #117191, Owl Builder Punch #118074

Other: Labels Collection Framelit Dies #125598, Bitty Banner Framelit Dies #129267,  Stampin’ Pierce Mat #126199, Paper-Piercing Tool #126189, Paper-Piercing Pack – Festive #127857, Woodgrain Embossing Folder #127821, Stampin’ Sanding System – Sanding Block #129367, Stamping Sponges #101610, Stampin’ Scrub #126200, Snail Adhesive #104332, Stampin’ Up Dimensionals 104430

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